Creating Art, Capturing the beauty of Afghanistan.

About Us

My name is Omer khan. I grew up here in Kabul, studied and graduated from the journalism faculty. I have a deep passion and love for photography that has taken me to different corners of this country, from the big cities to small villages. I have tried to capture not the war that most of our audience is already familiar but the beauty and glory that exists in this country and nothing has been able to take it away from us. 

The reason I always say that photography is my passion is because, it communicates across languages and cultures. I love the process of making a photograph, since I want to tell stories and I’m willing to help people see how beautiful they are. The place I live is full of saddened incidents, challenges– it is disappointing but once a friend of mine has told me that, “When your life feels black and white, make sure you dream color”, and that’s what I’m doing.

 Whatever challenges I face, whatever happens, I would still hold on my camera– capture the positive and beautiful side of Afghanistan.

I want to show the world that there is a small country in the planet with wonderful people with different and wonderful stories live in.

I always share small stories like small photo-essays with my photographs, just to let people know, how the real world is. I do it for the love and passion I have for my country and people. We have the biggest treasure with us, and that is LOVE.

All these things push me to work harder spread messages of love through my photographs.

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